8.5'' inch LCD Writing Drawing Tablet Pad Painting Board Graphic eWriter for Kids

9,000 RWF
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1. Power supply: CR2032*1, more than 15,000 times erased
2. Writing strength: 100g-150g
3. Viewing angle: full viewing angle, 90 degrees in all directions
4. Display: The background color is black, and the display color is white and green.
5. Normal use temperature: 10 degrees -40 degrees
6. Reflectivity: 25~30%, the product itself does not need backlight. When the external light is stronger, the display content is clearer.
7. Suitable for: Children/Students/Business White Collar/Designer/Teacher/Doctor/Deaf/Family Message/Trip Remarks/Learning Draft
Package includes:
1 * Writing board
1 * Stylus Pen

1 * User Manual