Security IP Camera 360 degree Panoramic Hidden WiFi Camera Cam Light Bulb (Good Quality)

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70,000 RWF
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Mini Security IP Camera 360 degree Panoramic Hidden wifi Camera Cam Light Bulb

Memory: TF card, up to 32GB (Not included)

Package includes:

1x Bulb Light Wifi Camera (Not Include The Memory Card)

1x Card Reader

1x User Manual (English&Chinese)

1x Extended E27 Screw

The Operating Instruction of the HD WIFI Camera

The Ways of the Client Download

2, Android phone can search ¡°9527¡±to download the client in the ¡°google play¡±

3, iPhone can search ¡°9527¡±to download the client in the ¡°App Store¡±.

4£¬Download the Mobile Client Software by scanning the two-dimensional code on the package.


Keypad functions: ON / OFF switch button, ON is boot, OFF is shutdown.

MODE key: storing / pausing the video (Only work when insert TF card)

storing the video first when put out the card, otherwise the it will

cause the file missing. X key reset switch AP short-range state

Camera Indicator status:

The status of the Camera Indicator Light:


and blue light flash alternately - Search Network red light

lightening long time- AP short-range status Blue light lightening long

time - Remote Status Double flash video

Boot, the blue

lightening, about 5S later red light and blue light lightening together,

Then the red light and blue lights flashing alternately. After the

flashing, the red light lightening long time is the AP short-range

status, after set up to remote status, the blue light lightening long


Operation ways:

1. The way of using short-range: turn on the camera¡ªafter about 30S, search and connect the camera WIFI hotspot

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